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Do You Want To Make More Money?

We want to ask you that question for a reason.

Some people say they WANT TO MAKE MORE MONEY, becoming an internet guru, but they’re not interested in spending ANY money, time or research preparing for it. When I say these people don’t want to invest in themselves, I mean they don’t want to invest a penny in their education!

Set Started Today!

We Are Committed To YOU!

 This website is all about promoting YOU, getting you more leads and clients, and helping you find out what it is that is holding you back from accomplishing your own goals. For whatever reason people like that think the best way to make money is to go out and search Google and find people that are giving away their content so they can copy it and then... hopefully make some money doing what those people are doing. 

With your permission, I’m going to ask you four simple questions

If you answer YES to them, then you should proceed reading and investigating. 

If you don’t answer them all YES, and you answer some of them with a NO, then this would be the best time to exit this website.

Here they are:

  • 1. Are you 110% committed to becoming a successful full-time online marketer and business owner by working with us? (If yes, go to #2)

  • 2. Do you want to avoid spending 12-18 hours a day stressing out over getting more potential clients and making ends meet? (If yes, go to #3)

  • 3. Do you want to avoid spending thousands of dollars in trial and error as you try to find your very own Holy Grail? (If yes, go to #4)

  • 4. Ready to finally "shortcut" the process to start making some fast, reliable, monetizable results.

  • If you answered "YES" to all four questions --- you're ready to move forward.
    Learn How We Can Help You

Are You Ready?

If you’re ready to change the world, you are at the perfect place. If you’re ready to stop worrying about the economy, the politics and anything else that is negative, this is an opportunity that you’ll want to become a part of.

Why Choose Us?

We believe that we can give you a big part of what you’ll need to move forward with your life. We’re going to do our best to give you everything you'd ever need, when it comes to getting up and running an online business without making you pay thousands of dollars for wasted efforts with something your competitors USE. 

We love seeing you continue to thrive in today’s world. We can even create beautiful websites, funnels, emotional copy, content and anything else you need to make your business the best on the planet without all the hassles.

  • We help you create your copy

  • Web built your websites/funnels

  • We strategize your marketing plan

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  • Your Options...


    Do It Yourself

    20% of people can work independently with a Bronze Package and get it done quickly. This is the perfect package if you're a Bronze User and you're the type of person that likes to do everything themselves. As Bronze User, we understand that you are a high achiever and someone that likes to work alone, understands tech, doesn't mind watching a lot of videos so you can create your own engaging and compelling website funnel. This is what we call the Do It Yourself Package, better known as the Bronze Package.


    We Do It All For You

    50% of people choose this Done For You Gold package. You give us your photos, assets, input, and thoughts. We'll immediately go to work with our TEAM to create a compelling and engaging website/funnel with all the necessary content/copy rewritten by a copywriter, plus create the templated website/funnel that gets lots of interaction that has been proven to work with the best of the best. This is the Gold Package for someone that wants the best website funnel built and created for them in short period of time as soon as the TEAM has all the necessary components that allow us to move forward and create your magical website funnel for you.


    This includes everything from Gold including your Lead Generating Book

    This is a special package that only the TOP 3% of people use. The reason the percentage is so low is because some people want a LEAD GENERATION BOOK that compliments the website funnel. This Platinum Package is for the person who knows what they want, what it takes to be successful, and are not afraid to invest in themselves to get the JOB done quickly and effectively as soon as possible. Every detail is covered and your book can be created in less than 7 days as well with about 2-3 hours with one of our TEAM so they can record the conversation. Once we have the necessary components, the ENTIRE team will go to work to get your website funnel up and running flawlessly.

    Hear From Our Clients, They All Can't Be Lying...

    “We’ve used Ameer and Dr. Carney and this is what happened..”

    Lawrence Bernstein

    “I've known Doctor Ivan Carney for well over a decade and have (very!) fortunately gotten to know him on a deeper level in the last several months. Doc Ivan's not only a green beret of direct marketing and a consummate direct mail mind, but an original and incisive thinker who sees the marketing universe through a unique lens.There's no shortage of marketers who "talk the talk." They represent the overwhelming majority of the "static" that fills the airwaves every day. Doctor Carney "walks the walk" and he can be counted on to produce that rare treasure of the business world: RESULTS!”

    Diane Taylor CEO

    “Dr. Carney, in an extremely short time, two weeks to be exact, has helped me to write my book. His expertise is amazing because he knows exactly how to put words together that keep the readers attention and literally explode off of the page! Dr. Carney’s talents, combined with his genuine caring spirit, makes him a truly special person that you will want to work for you.”

    Cindy & Tung

    “My husband and I are so blessed to have Dr.Carney coach us on getting our e-book together every step of the way. Without his guidance -from how we should set ourselves up for the videos which he amazingly presented in the book, to the contents which he made sure we keep engaging, to advising us on the call to action- we would never have been successful in launching the book and getting the discovery calls in. Dr. Carney has given us so much valuable advice, overdelivering in so many ways and showed us what we can do which we didn't even think we could. Thank you Dr.Carney, with your empowerment, we will be able to reach out to more people and change lives!”

    Dr. Brunilda Mucaj 

    “I wanted to thank you you guys in working with me in the BOOK & MONEY project. Working with you is amazing. Ive never done this kind of projects before and I wasn’t sure what to ask for or what to expect, but you made it very easy by walking me step by step to that process. First of you are very easy coach to work with, and your vision, your experience and your tips are so great. I highly recommend you Dr Carney to everyone who wants to have big success & results in their business. Again, thank you so much . Your system works.Thank you so much for helping & doing my Website, my online pharmacy and helping me now with my BOOK & Money project. You are amazing to work with, Ameer. Without your help I couldn't come so far, and my investments in your projects are so worthy. I highly recommend you to everyone that wants to succeed in their business or to do smart investments. Again, Thank you so much Ameer. I will continue working with you...”

    Sara Voci

    “I spent the first couple of months of my website design journey going around in circles, until I made the great decision to invest in my education. The knowledge I got from it sped up the process of finishing my website ten fold but more importantly allowed me to do so in a very calm way. Unlike what I felt prior to taking the course, when I’d get discouraged by not having a proper plan paved out, I now feel expressly confident and as a matter of fact am assisting two friends build their websites as well.

     I’d recommend Ameer to anybody, it’s the best investment you can make!”

    What Makes Dr. Carney & Ameer Better?

    There is a lot of competition on the internet, and to stand out, you have to have not just good copy, but great copy. Copy that grabs your prospects, and shows them exactly what you can do for them in an engaging and compelling way.

    At BookandMoney.com we help take your copy and turn it into what we call high converting copy. We've found that you can have a great website or funnel, but if your copy is so-so, you're going to get so-so results. What's worse, most people write their own copy and one of our competitor's requires you to provide all your won copy and content... that's one of the biggest reasons you'll want to invest in BookandMoney.com.

      You have choices. A lot of them, and if you want to do your best with your website/funnel, and put your best foot forward, you'll want to invest in people with experience, dedication and know how. Dr. Carney has 35+ years of marketing and copywriting experience as well as marketing psychology training you won't find elsewhere! Ameer, has almost ten years of experience working with websites, funnels, formatting, and setting up websites and funnels that are pleasing to the eye, and get you results. Monetizable results. 

       When you're looking for people you want to work with, you have to be very choosey as to what you put on your website. Ameer has studied this for years and is the #1 expert with Groove.cm (aka GrooveFunnels), which is a platform that he likes to utilize currently, so he spends 10+ hours a day in the platform, so he can help his clients refine and define their message in a quick, understandable way that gets people's attention and clicks, plus he is constantly refining how to help you make the money you want to make on Groove.cm. If you have a different platform and just want to discuss tweaking your website or funnel, you can reach out to him at https://bookandmoney.com/call

      What's the secret to making money on the internet? We're going to help you do this, so make a note of this. A clear message, the right copy, easy access, and traffic. That's it. At bookandmoney.com we have what we call a secret method on how you can get you traffic to your website that no one else will show you and it won't cost you thousands and thousands of dollars. SIDENOTE: It's not Facebook ads, and if you're investing in Facebook ads currently, this would just be an additional stream of revenue for you... once implemented.

      How do you know if this will work for you? Think about this. Both Dr. Carney and Ameer are dedicated to getting you up and running as fast as possible. When they talked about offering their talents to the world, the one thing that kept coming up was, "Yeah, we all have hundreds of ideas, but they never get implemented." And you know what? That's 100% true. With Ameer and Dr. Carney, they handle the tech, they handle all the components that make up a well oiled internet ATM like machine, but if you don't have traffic to your site, it's not going to make you a lot of money. If you've ever worked with other people, they give you a website, take your money and then they leave. If you have a question, they more or less, either never answer you, or they take their time and get back to you on their schedule. We try and answer any email requests within 48-72 hours or less. One thing you can count on. We'll assist and guide you on an ongoing basis to make sure your website and funnel are finished and running on all cylinders. We want you happy, and we're going to do everything we can to make that happen. 

    Who We Are

    Thanks for your curiosity.

    Ameer and I are so glad you dropped by.

    Here is a little bit about us...

    BookAndMoney.com is my brainchild, (it's a website funnel that Ameer and I created in Groove Funnels) and with Ameer's technology skills and expertise... (and Ameer knows his stuff) it has become our brand and HUB. (AKA: us = Ameer Yasin and Dr. Carney.)

    We launched our speaking and training business with this funnel. We put this funnel online in 2021 and right out of the gate we were able to generate over $5,000 online. Just the other day it generated a $1,000 in CASH on a Sunday, so we kind of know what we're doing, but just make a note of this. We are not anything special. We just work and play hard, that's all and we're constantly working on the site.

    Here's why we're doing this.

    We've found that a lot of people go online, but never make a penny. In fact there are a lot of people telling you they make hundreds of thousands of dollars, but they never make a penny and they just sort of disappear when they figure out that their message to market match is not working.

    When we became partners in 2021, we quickly did the website and within just a few days had it up and running.

    We now drive traffic to our https://makemoneyfunnels.com/master as this is where you can become a part of our mastermind by paying a small fee every single month and getting live consulting and coaching from Ameer and myself.

    We also had what we call a PRE LAUNCH on a Google Maps product and had a 50% close rate on a webinar with just eight people onboard. Now that might not seem like a lot, and it isn't but it just goes to show you that you can set things up once, and then make money on those things forever. Will you have to update them occasionally? Sure, but hey, that's the easy part. If you're on our mastermind you'll learn a lot about how we're making money and all you have to do is model us and make your own money and I have to tell you, we're very transparent.

    SIDENOTE: The road here was not an easy one It took some work, but it taught us a lot about book websites, funnels, publishing, scaling, making money online, talking to people one on one on Zoom, doing consistently delivered emails, sending out texts, affiliate marketing and even helping people write their own books on marketing.

    And as of July 2021, we are launching the Platinum level on https://bookandmoney.com This is our highest level of coaching and consulting which includes me, Dr. Carney helping you write a book that gets you qualified leads by you sending them one of your books. This can be sent via a text, an email or in the mail. We also show you how to do this better with our Book Funnels.

    Along the way, and this was my idea, I also wrote Ameer's book in about 24 hours. I then let it sit and simmer for a few days, and then went back and rewrote it again. Then he published it and we started making more money. Not a lot, but that's not the point. The point is to get a book done for him and get it out there. All I am telling you is this. You can make money online, but you're going to have to do the work, have mentors, coaches, and accountability partner's for you to get the fastest and best results.

    We have casually consulted with, and given advice to people who have written and published books.

    What we want to happen with people like you is this. Help as many people as we can to make money. Maybe not millions but enough to keep them interested.

    We look forward to teaching you as much as you can consume every other week with our formula. Like I said, the cost is minimal and it goes up about every six or seven months, depending on what level we want to take our members. I want you to ask a question. If you had a copywriter at your disposal and a tech guy that can get things done efficiently, why wouldn't you do it. Isn't it time you get your book out? Isn't it time you made some serious money? Isn't it take to take your income to the next level without stressing out over how to do it?