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The Do It Yourself System That You Can Take Your Business To The Next Level

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In the Bronze Package, you're going to get a number of absolute masterful tips and tricks that will help you master Groove, get you moving in the right direction and give you the help you need to build out your own online business.

  • 4 Page Funnel Custom Templates

  • Secure Payment Gateway setup guide so you're set up to collect money so as soon as you go LIVE with your funnel web site, you'll be making money.

  • Plug and play" your offer. (If you don't have this feature built into your funnels, you're leaving massive amounts of money on the table.) This is something that most people never think about when they set up their website/funnel.

  • This is one of the most overlooked lead magnets there is. You need a book, as your book is your HOOK that gets them interested in you and what you offer. This "Formatting Your Book Correctly" Module With Dr. Carney is a must if you're thinking about writing a book, have your book already written or are thinking about rewriting your book to get more leads faster. You'll learn all the necessary components that will get your lead magnet book up and ready to go online to get you more qualified leads.

  • Since you've decided to do this all on your own, this Basic Funnel Module With Ameer will help you hone your skills down and get you up and running as soon as you build the funnel.

  • Bonus Trainings & Gifts (When you become a part of the BookAndMoney family we continually add more gifts and bonus trainings). When you think you're done, you're wrong. Things change quickly on the internet and most of BookAndMoney clients are also Mastermind clients as well. There is a link here if you're at all interested in keeping abreast of all the changes that will become available to you as gifts and bonus training modules in the future.

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Real Clients, Getting Results.

See what other clients are saying about working with us.

"I wrote seven books during a pandemic"

Celia Gracia

"Got it done in 2 hours!"

Dorothy Andreas

"I increased my attendees on my webinar"

Rashawn Diallo

"I Made It My Passion To Help As Many People Possible Make More Money Doing What They Have A Passion For..."

So many people have talent but they do not know how to take that talent and share it with the world. When you work with BookAndMoney we help you take your message and craft it in a way that you become the only logical choice in your niche. It's all about getting the message to the right people in the right sequence and we help you do that, simply, quickly, and elegantly.

Dr. Ivan Carney

Author & Speaker, and Visionary

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Dr carney

Here's Everything You're Getting 

See what's inside the book and what topics are covered in depth

    Module 1: Book Formatting

  • Understanding the different types of book formats, why they’re so important and where they fit in in your business to generate sales and help with automation.

  • Describe the topic and idea in a few sentences and paragraphs in your book to give you readers an idea of what they are getting and why they would like to invest in you and your processes, programs, webinars and courses.

  • Your book and it’s format can mean the difference between someone opening your book, scanning the table of contents then finding something that they really want to learn and know more about.

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    Module 2: Create Your Website

  • Simple video training walking you through each step to create your website/funnel.

  • This module is a simple "watch and follow along" training 

  • I will provide a template for you to use and will show you how to get FREE hosting, just add your content and story...

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    Module 3: How To Edit And Add Assets

  • I will show you how to use the template to turn it into your own.

  • Learn how to optimize your images so they will load faster online, I will also go over basic things that will improve the ranking of your website.

  • Have your website reflect your ideal brand to attract like minded buyers

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    Module 4: Payment Portal & Checkout Form

  • Learn how to receive money from your website/funnel 

  • Having a secure payment gateway, affiliate program and different merchant accounts can really grow your business. 

  • Learn how to set up multiple payment options to allow your customers many different ways to pay.

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    Module 5: The Funnel Map2Success

  • Learn what a Funnel Map is, used by the top online earners.

  • Visually map and plan your "up sells" so you can increase your average order value

  • Also known as a "sales flow" to show you extensive information of the sales process.

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We are in high demand

Our Pricing Can Increase Any Day, Any Time

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Extra Bonuses & Gifts Include:

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Bonus #1: How To Make $100K Per Year With A Membership Site

Free book on how to make $100k per year with a membership site included 

($1,000 Value)


Bonus #2: Book Title Critiques

Modules on how to create an amazing book title, that can also be used as a headline.  

($3,000 Value)


Bonus #3: Money Research

Learn the secrets of market research. Learn what you competition is doing so you can do it BETTER. 

($797 Value)


Bonus #4: Up Sells Done RIGHT

Increase your sales (average cart value) simply by having upsells. 

($4,997 Value)

Grand Total: $ 9,794

Plus Additional Gifts We're Adding Every Month!


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So... What's Your Excuse?

I know there are some websites or businesses that offer you something "too good to be true" for free, but then asks you to buy some additional product in order to fully utilize your freebie. Well, this isn't one of those websites, and I'm not going to stick you any program. I'm offering this because I genuinely want you to succeed with us, and take it's advantage to grow your business. 

NOTE: No tech support, this is a DIY program.

  • You will get your website and sales funnel

  • You will get your payment checkout to receive payments

  • You will know how to add your assets to your web pages

  • You will learn how to create your sales flow 

Case Study

Apryl invested in Book&Money Bronze, here's what happened...

“What has been holding me back from having a profitable and recognizable business online is a compelling website. I have struggled with creating one due to how complicated it seemed to create, and I just never had the time to invest in learning. I am so blown away with Ameer and his skills. He did the most amazing job on my website, he made it simple to navigate and visually captivating. He had very fast turn around time and made the process so simple with his constant communication throughout the process. I can’t thank you enough Ameer for your innovative thinking, your skills and how quickly you were able to get my business monetizing!”

View Apryl's Sales Page

You've Seen The Results...

Do you want to replicate similar results for your business?

  • The most affordable and complete training program to help you make more money online

  • Learn how to establish authority with a book

  • Ongoing gifts and bonuses are worth more then this training program

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    Questions That You Might Have Are Answered Here...

    How Much Time Do I Need To Commit?

    That all depends on how quickly you take action. If you are the kind of person that procrastinates, one that can't make a decision, of course it's going to take a lot longer. All we're telling you is this. If you can make a couple of decisions and do what is necessary this process is easy, simple and it'll be done faster than you can probably imagine.

    Why Are You Guys Charging So Little?

    We give from the heart. We know that with the economy, family and business a lot of people just need that little push in the right places.

    What If I have No Tech Skills?

    No worries. Ameer is a master as the tech and if he or one of the team can't handle it, we'll find the solution for you. You've found a real team that cares about you and will not leave you high and dry.

    Can I Book More Time With You Guys?

    Absolutely. We hope we can take care of all of your needs and wants, but if you want more consulting time, all you need to do is schedule an available time and we'll talk on the phone or ZOOM.

    Why Should I Hire You?

    We could brag about how good we are, how much we care, but once you've experienced working with us, you'll be ready to give us a raving review and testimonial. If you are still on the fence and skeptical, just ask for an application, then hop on a call with Ameer or Dr. Carney for a short 15 Strategy call. If you don't like us - you don't owe us a penny. We're not here to sell you anything. We're here to help you achieve your goals.

    What If I Don't Have A Book Or Message?

    Ameer and Dr. Carney we're going to help you move forward at a pace that is easy, simple and not stressful. This entire procedure is easier than you think if you just getting started.

    Explain in depth the question. Make sure that the explanation clearly answers the objections that visitor has on their mind. The frequently asked questions section is a great way to clear up any objections that the buyer might have and push then a step ahead to make that purchase.

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    satisfaction guarentee

    Here's Our Personal Guarantee To You

    Work with us for one full year. If we do not deliver the results we promised in our offer. Results may very but there is no guarantee that you will make any money. We can't and don't live with you, know your level of commitment, but again, if you make all the moves and protocols and you don't make your money back, just reach out and we'll talk about this guarantee so you'll be taken care of.

    Ameer & Dr. Carney