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What Do All These Clients Have In Common?

They all have an online presence and make money.

Dorothy Andreas

Dr. Monica Mallet

Fred Van Liew

Celia Garcia 

Judy Harmen

Duane Lehr

Dr. Weston


Carmen Roman

Ed Strachar

Apryl Redbird

Charmaine Edwards

5 stars from ALL of your clients!

Proof, Proof and MORE Proof...

Lawrence Bernstein

“I've known Doctor Ivan Carney for well over a decade and have (very!) fortunately gotten to know him on a deeper level in the last several months. Doc Ivan's not only a green beret of direct marketing and a consummate direct mail mind, but an original and incisive thinker who sees the marketing universe through a unique lens.There's no shortage of marketers who "talk the talk." They represent the overwhelming majority of the "static" that fills the airwaves every day. Doctor Carney "walks the walk" and he can be counted on to produce that rare treasure of the business world: RESULTS!”

Diane Taylor CEO

“Dr. Carney, in an extremely short time, two weeks to be exact, has helped me to write my book. His expertise is amazing because he knows exactly how to put words together that keep the readers attention and literally explode off of the page! Dr. Carney’s talents, combined with his genuine caring spirit, makes him a truly special person that you will want to work for you.”

Cindy & Tung

“My husband and I are so blessed to have Dr.Carney coach us on getting our e-book together every step of the way. Without his guidance -from how we should set ourselves up for the videos which he amazingly presented in the book, to the contents which he made sure we keep engaging, to advising us on the call to action- we would never have been successful in launching the book and getting the discovery calls in.Dr.Carney has given us so much valuable advice, overdelivering in so many ways and showed us what we can do which we didn't even think we could. Thank you Dr.Carney, with your empowerment, we will be able to reach out to more people and change lives!”

Dr. Brunilda Mucaj 

“I wanted to thank you you guys in working with me in the BOOK & MONEY project. Working with you is amazing. Ive never done this kind of projects before and I wasn’t sure what to ask for or what to expect, but you made it very easy by walking me step by step to that process. First of you are very easy coach to work with, and your vision, your experience and your tips are so great. I highly recommend you Dr Carney to everyone who wants to have big success & results in their business. Again, thank you so much . Your system works.

Thank you so much for helping & doing my Website, my online pharmacy and helping me now with my BOOK & Money project. You are amazing to work with, Ameer. Without your help I couldn't come so far, and my investments in your projects are so worthy. I highly recommend you to everyone that wants to succeed in their business or to do smart investments. Again, Thank you so much Ameer. I will continue working with you...”


Dr. Nick Athens is the chiropractor that worked with Joe Montana and the 49'ers. He's also a good friend of Dr. Carney's and does coach with him at a high level through his connections to other consultants. Dr. Athens is still practicing and knows the importance of working with a good coach on an ongoing level.

Brendan Pic

"Ameer always over-delivers. Because now I have an online website that monetizes! He is friendly and patient which is very important as I’m not a tekkie. I highly recommend Ameer because he is someone I trust. Ameer delivers!"

Brenden O'Shea ~ Marketing Mentality Founder

Loren West

I utilized Ameer to create a promotional graphic. He delivered what I requested under 24 hours. I was so thankful he was able to meet an urgent deadline.

Loren West~ Graphic Designer