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"The investment was rather inexpensive and absolutely getting 100X the value then what I paid! I can now build my websites and funnels to profit."


Duane Lehr

“Without Ameer’s help and expertise, I would never have been able to set up my website so quickly and start monetizing so soon! I can’t wait to start helping people!


Irina Kondakova

"Ameer always over-delivers. Now I have an online website that monetizes! He is friendly & patient I highly recommend Ameer because he is someone I trust"


Brenden O'Shea

Ask Yourself These Questions

What if...
  • You had a fully functioning website/funnel that makes money for you even while you're asleep?

  • You could establish authority with a compelling and engaging book that you only sold to qualified people... people who didn't mind paying you a small fee to learn more about what it is that you can do for them?

  • You could wake up on a regular basis with new deposits in your bank account without stressing out?

  • You could finally "feel" what I call real freedom again so you could plan your day around doing whatever you wanted to do by yourself or with your family?

  • You could pull the trigger, invest in yourself, then get started immediately and start receiving up close and personal ongoing support and training by the best of the best?

  • You could go to sleep tonight knowing that in the next few days you would have your website optimized, scrutinized and finalized so it would start generating money as soon as someone landed on your website?

Invest In Yourself Now

What Makes Dr. Carney & Ameer's Process More Effective?

  • They help you create high converting copy, while the competition requires you to provide all your own content... 

  • Dr. Carney has OVER 35+ years of marketing experience, direct mail, email and LIVE training you won't find elsewhere that he'll be sharing with you! 

  • Ameer is the #1 expert with GrooveFunnels, and he spends 10+ hours/day on the platform refining it so he can show you how to make money on Groove.

  • They have a secret method to help get you "traffic" that no one else can currently show you and it's not facebook ads.

  • Unlike the other guys who take your money and leave you stranded, they will assist and guide you on an ongoing basis to make sure your are functional, and available online to make more money. 

Start Profiting Online Today And Stop Wasting Time And Money!



Your Have Three Important Choices



Do It Yourself

  • 4 Page Funnel Custom Templates (all screen sizes)

  • Secure Payment Gateway setup guide

  • "Plug and play" your offer

  • Formatting Your Book Correctly Module With Dr. Carney

  • Basic Book Funnel Module With Ameer

  • Bonus Trainings & Gifts 

  • Invest Now




    Done For You

  • Your DFY Funnel with added order bump and upsells

  • Your Branded Website, establish authority

  • We Create Your Content for YOU

  • Website/funnels/payment portals ALL connected to your custom domain

  • Membership Site/online course

  • eMail/Test/FB Messager Automation & Sequences

  • Advanced Tagging, automations and sequencing

  • Business email set-up assist

  • Set up your Affiliate Program

  • Search engine optimized with advanced tracking

  • List building book funnel

  • Compliant terms/privacy policy 

  • 1hr Executive private support

  • Basic Webinar 25 slides Buildout (value $2500)

  • Webinar automation and webinar funnel custom template

  • Everything included in bronze & silver

  • Monthly Q/A and updates for 1 year

  • Ongoing Maintenance & Support Available

  • Custom Webpages Available at discounted rate

  • Work with Dr.Carney for 1.5hrs on your webpage copy

    (value $1,500)

  • Work with Ameer for 2hrs on your webpage buildout

    (value $1,500)

  • Ameer's CraftYourSite Mentorship FREE (cost $197)

  • Invest Now



    Done With You

    • Formatting Your Book Correctly With Dr. Carney for 1hr (private consultation) $1000 value

    • Basic Book Funnel With Ameer 1hr (private consultation) 

      $750 value

    • We assist you with content creation and assets

    • Website/funnels/payment portals ALL connected to your custom domain

    • Search engine optimized with advanced tracking

    • Basic tagging , sequences and automations

    • Private Bonus Trainings & Gifts (priceless)

    • List building book funnel

    • Recorded 3 Month Q/A Sessions (1hr per session)

    • Everything included in Bronze

    Invest Now

    Affordable 3 pay payment plan available, on Gold Package only.

    Secure Payment Portal.



    Work with us for one full year, if you do not get the results we promised in our offer after working with us and making all the moves, steps and protocols in our proven process - we will give ALL your money back plus $500. Results may very but there is no guarantee that you will make any money. We can't and don't live with you, know your level of commitment, but again, if you make all the moves and protocols and you don't make your money back, just reach out and we'll talk about this guarantee so you'll be taken care of.

    Check Out These Results From Our Clients

    Success Stories

    "Ameer is my go-to guy for anything technology. In less than 2hrs Ameer helped me set up a functional sales page for my webinar."

    ~ Dr. Monica Mallet

    Dr. Carney helped me really fine tune the copy to get peoples attention. I had a 76% show rate on my webinar, that's unheard of! One week later and sales are still coming in!

    ~ Dorothy Andreas

    "As a teacher and trainer he gets so much done in such a short time, for me it's one of the biggest bargains. His patience, knowledge and end product is amazing!" 

    ~ Fred Van Liew

    More Testimonials Click Here

    Dr. Carney and Ameer is the logical choice!

    Dr. Carney, in an extremely short time, two weeks to be exact, has helped me to write my book. His expertise is amazing because he knows exactly how to put words together that keep the readers attention and literally explode off of the page! Dr. Carney’s talents, combined with his genuine caring spirit, makes him a truly special person that you will want to work for you. 

    Diane Taylor CEO

    My husband and I are so blessed to have Dr.Carney coach us on getting our book together every step of the way. Without his guidance -from how we should set ourselves up for the videos which he amazingly presented in the book, to the contents which he made sure we keep engaging, to advising us on the call to action- we would never have been successful in launching the book and getting the discovery calls in. Thank you Dr.Carney, with your empowerment, we will be able to reach out to more people and change lives

    Cindy & Tung 

    Be a progressionist not a perfectionist

    What if money was no concern...

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How Much Time Do I Need To Commit?

    • That all depends on how quickly you take action. If you are the kind of person that procrastinates, one that can't make a decision, of course it's going to take a lot longer. All we're telling you is this. If you can make a couple of decisions and do what is necessary this process is easy, simple and it'll be done faster than you can probably imagine.

    • Can I Book More Time With You Guys?

    • Absolutely. We hope we can take care of all of your needs and wants, but if you want more consulting time, all you need to do is schedule an available time and we'll talk on the phone or ZOOM.

    • What If I Don't Have A Book Or Message?

    • Ameer and Dr. Carney we're going to help you move forward at a pace that is easy, simple and not stressful. This entire procedure is easier than you think if you just getting started.

    • Why Are You Guys Charging So Little?

    • We give from the heart. We know that with the economy, family and business a lot of people just need that little push in the right places.

    • What If I have No Tech Skills?

    • No worries. Ameer is a master as the tech and if he or one of the team can't handle it, we'll find the solution for you. You've found a real team that cares about you and will not leave you high and dry.

    • Why Should I Hire You?

    • We could brag about how good we are, how much we care, but once you've experienced working with us, you'll be ready to give us a raving review and testimonial. If you are still on the fence and skeptical, just ask for an application, then hop on a call with Ameer or Dr. Carney for a short 15 Strategy call. If you don't like us - you don't owe us a penny. We're not here to sell you anything. We're here to help you achieve your goals.

    The Founders

    Dr. Ivan Gale Carney & Ameer Yasin

      dr carney

      Dr. Carney

      Pro Copywriter & Marketer

      Dr. Carney is a man that has studied marketing for over 35 years and counting. He's always been a connector, consultant and visionary as well as being a father, but he realized that there are a lot of people that need just a tiny little push and they'll finally be doing what they were put on this earth to do. Find their passion and excel at it. Dr. Carney charges $1,000/hour currently. He loves helping people finally realize what it is they need to do to become a success. One of the people that he has worked with in the last part of 2020 and first part of 2021 was able to go from collecting $75,000 to over $212,000 in less than six months.



      Pro Web Developer/Designer

      Ameer Yasin grew up learning "all things tech". He graduated with honours in Web Design & Interactive Media. Working with him will save you the 15-30 year learning curve. As a client you can expect to have your entire online platform built out plus help you standout from the crowd by establishing your authority online so you can potentially make more money sooner than you think! His normal standard fee is $750 per hour! Expect an upscale professional and a person that cares about you as much as he would a family member. There are no guarantees of your results because everyone is different and each client has different ideas. If you stick with Ameer and do exactly what is asked of you, your life and business will never be the same again. Most likely you'll see your sales triple as a direct results of working with him and his team. This is what usually happens when your application is processed and you move forward with enthusiasm and passion.

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